$100 A Gallon | The Energy CRISIS Nobody’s Talking About

Flip on CNBC, scroll through Twitter, or open YouTube and you will see dozens of segments, tweets, and videos explaining why the recent rise in energy prices, especially oil is the canary in the coal mine for the world economy, a sure sign that we are months away from a massive economic downtown similar to 2008. While it may be true that oil has now surpassed $80 a barrel, and Chicago gas stations are now charging over $5 a gallon, there is large spread between higher energy costs and the meltdown of the entire economic system. In today’s video, we explore the gas, natural gas, and oil sector.


1. A barrel of oil – 5.8 million BTUs
2. Current price of oil (in dollars per barrel) and divide it by the current price of natural gas (in million BTUs)
3. Number is 5.7 or greater almost always
4. Multiply the price of natural gas, expressed in millions of BTUs, by 5.8

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