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Welcome to Baby Shark’s pizzeria! Join us and make the best, tastiest pizza in the world!
Use your creativity and add fun ingredients to your own pizza with Chef Baby Shark.
Are you ready to cook?

► https://fong.kr/11442/02


1. Cook your own pizza step-by-step
– Complete 6 steps in total to prepare the perfect pizza.
– Learn how to use different cooking tools.
– From rolling the dough to baking a pizza in the oven — you’re the chef in charge!
– Choose your favorite sauce and ingredients and decorate your pizza.

2. Use fun ingredients u0026 be creative!
– There’s room for maximum creativity! What if my dough was rainbow-colored?
– Experiment with different ingredients and discover the different pizza results.
– There’s 12 ingredients in total, including sweet jam, tomato sauce, fish, and more!

3. Taste your pizza!
– Watch different, fun reactions to your pizza creation.
– Is it tasty? Test your results!

Come and help Pinkfong and Baby Shark prepare the best pizza in the world!

🦈 Pinkfong Baby Shark 💕 Download now ➡️ https://fong.kr/924/23

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