How LED ZEPPELIN Made Their Fourth Album

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50 years ago, Led Zeppelin released their self-titled debut. Their sophomore effort followed just a handful of months later — taking them from nearly unknown session players to a hard rock powerhouse. But when the band shifted from their blues influence towards folk for Led Zeppelin III, a luke-warm response from fans and critics threatened their rise.

Their success was being attributed to hype and aggressive marketing campaigns. In protest, Zeppelin would move away from the standard — if not necessary way of selling records. Their fourth album would be left untitled and the band’s name, absent from the cover. Instead, mysterious sigils appeared — one for each member of the group. They would strip everything away in order to let the music speak for itself.

They would have to push their creative limits in order to progress — experimenting with new production techniques and instruments. Guitarist Jimmy Page swore their fourth album would be their best. If it wasn’t, they’d give up and retire. What followed was one of the most iconic rock albums ever made. Setting Led Zeppelin on a path towards becoming legends of rock and roll.


Led Zeppelin FAQ

Where was Led Zeppelin 4 recorded? Where was Led Zeppelin IV recorded?
Led Zeppelin’s fourth album was recorded at Headley Grange in Hampshire, England.

When did Led Zeppelin 4 come out? What year did Led Zeppelin IV released?
November 8, 1971

What do the Led Zeppelin 4 symbols mean?
The feather of Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of justice and fairness encompassed within a circle. The emblem of a writer, belonged to none other than Robert Plant. The Borromean rings, depicting man, woman and child resided with John Bonham. A celtic knot portrayed a person both confident and competent was chosen by John Paul Jones. Finally, Zoso. Designed by Page himself, it wasn’t intended to be a word at all. It’s meaning remains a complete mystery.

Why was Led Zeppelin IV called zoso?
The band’s name and title were left off the album. The only things left were the symbols the group created. Page’s Zoso was the only one that appeared to form a word and it just stuck.

How many copies of Led Zeppelin 4 have been sold?
Led Zeppelin IV has sold over 23 millions copies in North America. With 37 million copies sold worldwide.

Is Led Zeppelin IV the best album ever?
That’s for you to decide. It’s arguably the group’s best record.


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