microRNA Sample Preparation from Biofluids

A four minute video describing our recommendation for sample collection u0026 preservation and RNA extraction from biofluid samples types such as blood or urine – The study of basic microRNA (miRNA) function has been performed mainly through collection of tissues by invasive methods. However, in a clinical setting, more convenient and non-invasive methods are required, such as collection of peripheral blood or other bodily fluids.

For those of you currently collecting sample from patients or working on development of a clinical test, we have put together some recommendations for sample collection and preservation and for RNA extraction methods from bodily fluids.

Recently, it has been demonstrated that miRNAs are present in circulating blood plasma, both free circulating and within exosomes, as well as within other biofluids such as cerebral spinal fluid, urine and even breast milk. Circulating miRNAs in biofluids represent a potential new approach for diagnostic screening. Indeed, characteristic changes in the serum or plasma miRNA profiles of several cancers7 or other conditions8 have identified unique signatures that could be exploited as novel biomarkers in the clinic.

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