MJ World Cry 2012, New York City (Promo)

Michael Jackson fans in NYC invites every man, woman and child across the globe to reenact and continue the concept of Michael Jackson’s inspirational short film, Cry for Love, Solidarity and Charity.

Wherever and however you will be commemorating Michael Jackson’s Life and Legacy is the perfect place and setting to do your part in this reenactment of the Cry short film.

Schedule a moment of silence for the duration of the song, Cry. Stand tall, join hands and meditate; healing yourself, friends, family and the world with your mind, body and spirit.

Have your designated camera person slowly pan the scene from left to right using long and short shots. Get close-ups of hand holding, a serene face or anything else visually interesting. Also try to capture in context subjects unique to your location in the world.

Whether you are using pro equipment or a cell phone, we accept all file types. Please include your name, the name of the organization you are representing (if applicable), location and a dialog about the footage you are sending. We want to know more about YOU!

Just Gather, Film and Upload. Learn how here: http://www.worldcrynyc.info/

This group was created by New York City fans and is not affiliated with the original MJ World Cry movement. www.mjworldcry.com

Deadline for submissions is July 31st. The tribute video will be created and uploaded just in time for Michael’s 54th birthday. Have a heart and take part, use this opportunity to collect funds and supplies for your preferred accredited charity in Michael’s name.

Upload: www.WorldCryNYC.info
Follow: @LegacyofLoveMJ

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