"Nomad City Project" Tour Announce

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“Nomad City Project” Tour Announce
August 7th – September 25th

Ticketing time: June 14, 2021
Ticketing platforms:

When the arias from the East meet the beats from the West; when the torches from the grassland ignite the neon lights from the city.

Nomad City Records and BIE jointly present
Amber Kuo and Yider’s “Nomad City Project” tour, with a fully organized band performing electronic music and emerging live audio-visual interactive experiences, showing the reflections of nomads living among urban cities and the natural environment framing a deep understanding of self and spirit.

Nomad City Project Band:

Lead Vocal : Yider
Vocal : Amber Kuo
Keyboard : ASR
Bass / Synth : Guanchen Zhou
Drum Set : Zhitong Xu
Guitar : Dadi

Artistic Director : 小珂
Interactive Visual : Teom Chen

Lighting Design : 大白
Sound Engineer : 游翔竹

For more information, please follow
@NomadCityRecords @BIE别的

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