Schema Markup SEO Tutorial

Structured data SEO schema markup JSON-LD for your website can help search engines like Google understand your entity or site better and allow your content AKA HTML stand out on search engines like Google from your competitors. This SEO tutorial covers three different SEO tactics that you can Implement to make advanced schema markup very easy to deploy on your websites.

The very first tactic or technique I will be covering is a way that you can go to any website and copy and paste there JSON-LD or schema markup. The very next strategy that I then go into is a way that you can hide your well-written markup from competitors by simply saying into an inline code. And last but not least if you have an advanced SEO utilizing the above strategy of minimizing their json-ld on their web sites I’ll show you a way to decrypt or beautify their code so you can copy and paste and utilize it for your website as well.

If you have any future questions related to search engine optimization or how to implement schema markup. You can always visit , or please ask any and all questions below regarding SEO.

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