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Chemical weapons are considered illegal across the globe, but many countries continue to secretly use them in war zones, including the U.S. So what exactly are chemical weapons? And how do we monitor them?
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United Nations Office For Disarmament Affairs
“The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) is the first disarmament agreement negotiated within a multilateral framework that provides for the elimination of an entire category of weapons of mass destruction under universally applied international control.”

Arms Control Association: Chemical Weapons Convention Signatories and States-Parties
Fact sheets and briefs

The Chemical Weapons Ban Facts and Figures
“This brief overview of the CWC and of the OPCW provides an understanding of how the States Parties to this disarmament treaty are transforming their solemn pledge to renounce chemical weapons into a verifiable reality.”

The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation: Chemical Weapons and Their Destruction

UN News Centre: Ninety-Six Percent of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons Destroyed – UN-OPCW Mission Chief

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How Sarin Gas Works


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