ALL BOSSES AT ONCE (Craziest Version) Super Mario 3D World Mods! (By ZXMany and BaconFearMC)

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ALL BOSSES AT ONCE in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury! Funny crazy Mario mods by ZXMany and BaconFearMC where Mario faces all bosses together at the same time in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury! Some “All Bosses” mods in Super Mario 3D World don’t have Meowser or Prince Bully, and the game crashes if there are too many bosses, so today we play BaconFearMC’s All Bosses in Super Mario 3D World mod as well as my own All Bosses at Once in Super Mario 3D World mod that does have Prince Bully and Meowser!

Mario faces off against all bosses at once, including Prince Bully, Meowser, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Boss Brolder, Motley Bossblob, and Hisstocrat! Can Cat Mario and the 999 super bells help Mario defeat EVERY BOSS in Super Mario 3D World?

A big thank you to BaconFearMC who made one of the mods in this video! BaconFearMC has so many great mods!

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Meowser and All Mario Bosses cutscenes – 0:00
Skipping cutscenes + death area – 0:36
All Bosses mods in Super Mario 3D World – 0:52
All Bosses mod by BaconFearMC – 1:07
King Kathunk, Pom Pom, all bosses in Super Mario 3D World BaconFearMC mod – 1:42
Motley Bossblob enters – 2:25
Hisstocrat appears – 2:45
Boss Brolder enters – 3:00
Hisstocrat with Meowsers and Prince Bully All Bosses Mario mod by ZXMany – 6:15
Bosses angry without Mario – 7:00
Getting Prince Bully into the pipe – 7:35
Cat Mario stuck in the pipe – 9:00



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