Bank of America (BoA)

The Bank of America Corporation (BoA) is America’s second-largest banking system and multinational fiancé services holding company that ranks at the top of banking in the United States of America. This banking system is considered the most trusted and quite popular banking system as it earns a huge population’s trust with its policies and services. This bank is considered the big bank after Chase Bank of America and provides its services in more than 39 countries.

The headquarters of this bank is located in North Carolina and it is quite popular that according to a survey, this banking system manages up to 10.7% of total American assets of bank deposits. According to a survey in 2018, this banking system manages wealth management of about $1.08 Trillion That’s a very huge amount to manage and makes this country the second largest wealth management banking system throughout the world. This is working in more than 40 countries and its branches are located in every state of the United States. This exclusive banking system started from an old Italian branch and then transferred into a whole banking building. That branch is still there in San Francisco and working as part of this banking system till now.

Bank of America

History of Bank of America

The history of Bank of America started in (1870 – 1949) when the Bank of Italy in San Francisco was established by Amadeo Pietro Giannini, then he founded Bank of America in 1923 and gave them the name Bank of Italy but later it again known as Bank of America. This bank was located in Los Angeles California when it started its evolution by merging with various banking systems, in 1874, this banking system was the second American banking system that got a Charter. In 1949, Bank of America and Itaky Bank merged later in 2004, this banking system merged with FleetBostons and then started to work at the international level.

This banking system is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway and works at the global scale providing services like Banking, investments, Credit cards, insurance, investment management, index funds, private equity, and many other services. This contains more than 38,000 branches at a global scale with 16,000 ATMs. This company has total assets (AUM) of almost US$1.08 trillion and consists of the most trusted banking in the United States.

Services provided by BoA

Bank of America provides various finance services like banking, credit card issuing, insurance, investment Management, Mortgage Loans, mutual funds, assets management, Index funds, private utility, risk management, and wealth management. All these productions are provided by BoA. This banking is like an all-in-one platform that’s why most people prefer this over others. this bank is considered a good one because of its easy ATM access that is available everywhere worldwide.


IS this Bank in any kind of problem?

No, this banking system is completely secure and safe but also ranks high at the global level.

Is This Bank open today?

The normal timing of this bank is Money to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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