Friday Night Funkin' VS Ron's Onslaught V2 ALL WEEKS 1-3 (FNF Mods/Hard) (NEW UPDATE) Mod Showcase

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Ron’s Onslaught V2 FULL WEEK Mod for the PC in 1080p 60fps HD, but this time we battle Ron from Bob’s Onslaught, and he’s got an overhaul, and 3 of his own weeks! Hope you enjoy this mod showcase!

Hi, I’m Sir Pablito, I make Friday Night Funkin’ mod showcases.
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Rons Onslaught V2 | FNF MOD:

This mod overhaul features new characters, new songs (including new secret songs on Freeplay), new stages, new BF sprites, new art, new everything.

The new Tutorial song is copyrighted, so I could not feature it on this video. Hope you can understand.

Key Authors:
FriedBolonese – Co-Owner, Composer, Coder, Designer, Charting
sheeb – Co-Owner, Artist, Trailer-Maker, Creative Ideas
SomeRandomGuy? – The coolest composer
Among Us – Overall inspiration; the father I never had
floofycatto – Composer
TenQWERTY – Composer
HomeTrainedHampster – Composer

0:00 Ron’s Onslaught Preview + Game Over Screen
0:10 Ron Onslaught Title/Menu Screen
0:38 Cutscene and Dialogue 1
1:16 Ron Song (Ron VS BF)
2:40 Cutscene and Dialogue 2
3:06 Something’s Rong Song (Ron VS BF)
4:31 Megalovania Part
5:12 Dialogue and Cutscene 3
5:48 Ronslaught Song (Sad Ron VS Pixel BF)
7:44 End of Week 1
8:00 Dialogue and Cutscene 4
8:39 Ugehhhhhhhhmmmmmmmgggg Song (Scooter Ron VS BF)
10:58 Little Man?
11:15 Dialogue and Cutscene 5
11:57 Snapped Song (Mad Ron VS Flying BF)
14:11 End of Week 2
14:18 Dialogue and Cutscene 6
14:36 Lookin’ Sussy Song (Impostor Ron VS BF)
16:37 Dialogue and Cutscene 7
17:10 Meltdown Song (Black Impostor VS BF)
19:35 End of Week 3
19:46 Freeplay
20:05 Cutscene and Dialogue 8
20:24 Betty Bob Song (Bob VS Little Man)
23:04 Ron But More Funny Song (Funni Ron VS BF)
24:42 Deez (Meme Song)
24:54 What if you press the corrupted arrows in Ronslaught?
25:18 Outro Screen

Discord: pablito # 1532
ROBLOX Profile:
ROBLOX Group:!/about
Minecraft Username: pablito902

This YouTube Channel is inspired by Other FNF Channels, like CommunityGame, Blantados, Neonight, SHAvibe and more.

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