Yankee Doodles 21 – No More SF Cons

Yankee Doodles [1986 Worldcon] sent to me by “mulewagon”


Side A
Technical Difficulties II [TD/Handel]
Demon in the Dark [Kathy Mar/Brenda Craven] (Brenda Craven [same as Brenda Sutton, above])
The Song [Rob Dean/Schroeder/Kathy Sands/ Leslie Fish] (Rob Dean)
Darkover Kathy March [Roberta Rogow/Harrigan Hart] (Roberta Rogow)
One More Ose Song [B.J. Willinger]
Do Lemons Grow In Space? [Paul Mac Donald/Tempchin] (Paul Mac Donald)
Lost Luggage [Kathy Sands/Bell] (Kathy Sands)
Masquerade [Bill Roper]
A Bed Is A Bed For Me [Peter Thiesen] (Peter Thiesen [same as Alan Thiesen])
It’s Nerds That I Love [Dorian Tenore]
The Terrific Centrifugal Still [Bill Sutton]

Side B:
Ship Of Stone [Don Simpson] (Kathy Mar)
Suicide Ain’t Painless [Farran/Altman/Mandel] (Farran)
Me, Me [Vinnie Bartilucci/Claps/Ciccett] (Vinnie Bartilucci)
Terminus Est [Julia Ecklar]
Woof [Diana Gallagher Wu]
Rif’s Falkaener Slobber Song [Mercedes Lackey/C.J. Cherryh] (Mercedes Lackey)
Huckster’s Song [Frank Hayes/ Paul Stookey] (Frank Hayes)
Kraken/Kitten [Leslie Fish / Simpson/Leslie Fish] (Leslie Fish)
Pell [Clif Flynt] Clif Flynt, Bill Roper, Joey Shoji, Mary Ellen Wessels)
No More SF Cons [Juanita Coulson/Trad.] (Juanita Coulson)

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