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Umayyad experts call countries to renew their commitment to cooperation

In the statement of states, experts called for cooperation in the spirit of enhanced and renewed pluralism, and they stressed that this renewed commitment will be necessary to revive the progress towards achieving the sustainable development plan for 2030 and promised it to eliminate poverty and hunger; Achieving gender equality, combating inequality; And the implementation of human rights in order to build peaceful, fair and comprehensive societies.

Accelerate recovery from Corona

They also called on the countries to seize the opportunity to hold two major policy forums next year. In July 2023, the United Nations High Political Forum on Sustainable Development will be held under the slogan“Accelerating the Corona virus and fully implementing the 2030 sustainable development plan at all levels.”

The high -level political forum will also support the mid -term review of the implementation and preparation of the Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2023, which will be held during the discussions of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2023.

Effective participation for all categories

Experts pointed to the destructive effect of all human rights. They called on the international community to design and implement ambitious and comprehensive policies and measures, in the face of the largest general health crisis in the twenty -first century.

They also called on states to achieve effective participation of all concerned peoples and societies, including through the equal participation of women and girls, in planning, monitoring, implementing and evaluating the plans and policies of recovery from illness.

National development policies

The first article in the United Nations Declaration on the right to development indicated that “every human being and all peoples and contribution and enjoy the economic, social, cultural and political development in which all human rights and basic freedoms can be achieved in full.”

The second article indicated that “countries must formulate national development policies on the basis of effective, free and targeted participation of all population and all individuals.”

Steps required

United Nations experts called on countries and international financial institutions to:

Experts also urged states to restore commitment with the aim of allocating 0.7 percent of their total national income for official development assistance by providing time schedules and accountability, including legislation at the national level.

“Development partners must also redirect aid to where the need is intensified through clear procedures and schedules. Countries with high income should invest additional efforts in engaging in technological and scientific cooperation with countries from the south of the globe, especially the least developed countries, to enable their health systems to provide facilities, goods and available health services, which are easy to access, acceptable, and of a good quality for all.”


Among the experts who issued the statement: Mr. Saad Al -Farraji, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Development.

*It is noteworthy that the specialists and independent experts are appointed by the Human Rights Council in Geneva, an international government agency responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the world.

The course and experts are charged with studying human rights conditions and submitting reports to the Human Rights Council. It should be noted that this position is honorable, so these experts are not employees of the United Nations and are not paid for their work.

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