Despite the decline in the first half, “Victory is within our reach” to achieve the goals of 2030

Over the past ten days, world leaders, policymakers and main stakeholders have gathered to review progress, share experiences and discuss strategies to advance sustainable development.

The high -level political forum works as a central platform for monitoring and reviewing implementation, adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015, and includes a wide range of goals, including eliminating poverty, enhancing gender equality, ensuring access to good education, health care, and environmental protection.

By focusing on the issue of sustainable and flexible recovery from a pandemic, the high -level political forum approved this year with the unprecedented challenges raised by the global health crisis.

Long -term effect

The Kofid -19 Shuja-far-reaching effects on all aspects of society, was exacerbating the existing inequality and obstruction of progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals. The aim of the forum was to define solutions and strategies to better rebuild the world after the pandemic.

And while they admitted that the world“Totted away from the right track”To achieve the sustainable development goals by the 2030 deadline, senior United Nations officials, ministers and policy makers, as well as private sector representatives and major popular groups, discussed the ways to implement five out of 17 goals of sustainable development.

Leaders have visited the progress made so far in comprehensive access to clean water, sanitation and energy, and reviewed ways to benefit from new technology, and also discussed the decisive role of urban development.

Lashisara Steweva, President of the Economic and Social Council, who led the forum’s work, stressed the importance of innovation, technology and highly influential partnerships.

She said:“We are in the middle of the road towards 2030, yet we are still far from achieving the sustainable development goals. The bad news is that we have lost seven years. The good news is that we still have seven years, and victory is within our reach.”

Among the priorities of the President of the Economic and Social Council of the forum was to increase the participation of youth, where she said:“The involvement of young people in the discussion is not a courtesy, but rather an absolute necessity if we are serious about achieving goals.”

National reviews

During the high -level political forum, the attendees participated in more than 200 high -level discussion episodes, interactive dialogues and voluntary national reviews.

38 countries have provided data on the progress made towards achieving the sustainable development goals – which is one of the main components of the development agenda. It is worth noting that the European Union presented its review for the first time ever.

One of the most prominent results of the high -level political forum was to recognize that achieving sustainable development goals requires a collective effort in which governments, civil society, companies and individuals participate, so partnerships between those with multiple stakeholders and mobilization of resources must be strengthened to accelerate progress towards achieving goals. In this context, the private sector plays- in particular- a vital role in advancing sustainable and comprehensive economic growth through responsible business and investment practices.

The participants concluded that with the end of the high -level political forum, it is necessary to continue the momentum, as its outputs are crucial for successThe summit of sustainable development goals in September.

Latisara Stweva encouraged the participants during the closing session to do their best to ensure the forum’s message reached the summit, and she said:“It is an important opportunity that we should not miss.”


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